A QML is a reversal pattern that is created after a significant move in the market. Price will retrace back to fill the liquidity void. our main focus in this blog is ADVANCE QML TRADING as For QML TRADING BASICS check this previous post: What is a qml and how to trade it. A video explaining advance qml is attached.

Focus on the following In This Video:

  • MPL STRUCTURE [structures within a base, always go to the smaller time frame you will find those MPL structures within a base]
  • Breakers [responsible for FTR Formation]
  • Base
  • Supply and Demand [Previously violated base near highs and lows]
  • Compression or Manipulation [Compression is not Consolidation, Compression Focus Sideways Range which will be creating higher highs or lower lows. Consolidation forms a range with equal highs and; Related Post on: how to trade compression]
  • Liquidity Void [The QML entry level is just filling Liquidity Void]
  • Liquidity Pools [either buy-side liquidity or sell-side liquidity]

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