Looking at 4hour time frame we are expecting price decline from our significant level 0.77288 targeting the first previously violated highs as our Take Profit. Then we will either see price continue to go up or down but if price continue to go up, we expect price decline at this level 0.77924 targeting previously violated high before price declined.

And if price push up high after price decline at price level 0.77924 we would love to see buy side liquidity being collected at price level 0.78509 than fill the fair value gap and then use our breaker block at price level 0.78929 for price decline.

At price level 0.78929 there are two possible scenarios to take place, either price will massively drop, or we will simply see a fair drop in price creating a short term high and collect all that buy side liquidity resulting in SMT Divergence as price going up to our last significant level at 0.79533 were we expect to see a major price decline giving us above 100pips.

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