15TH APRIL 2021 USDZAR Weekly Time Frame Analysis Using OB

USDZAR ANALYSIS, we have a weekly order block or OB at price level 14.30257 which is where our buy limits were triggered, The reason we selected this trade was based on several factors such as order flow, liquidity voids, and fair value gaps[FVG] which added confluence.

We expect price to rally up and close the fair value gaps(fvg) above, targeting our first take profit to be at price level 14.85317. if price continues to rally up after hitting our take profit we will see sell-side liquidity being collected at price level 15.09248 than price will close the fair value gaps[FVG] using the OB at price level 15.31374 to decline. This means price level 15.31374 is our next price level where we will be going short and based on order flow it’s an awesome trade that we gonna have similarly with the buy position at 14.30257.

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