Dollar Index Trading Analysis



 As for the dollar index, we are anticipating a sell at the daily bearish order block price level 107. 98. Targeting sell-side liquidity at price level 106.18. We need to also keep in mind that we might see a small retracement from the bearish order block on the dollar index of at least 30 pips before price continues to move up and collect buy-side liquidity at Price level 109. 12. When the price reaches the daily bearish order block, switch to a smaller time frame such as minutes and look for sell profiles.


 In the long run, we anticipate the dollar to continue to gain strength and foreign currencies to continue to lose strength or decline as the dollar index push-up due to inflation. Look at other foreign currencies. It is clear that institutional order flow is bearish. Trade smart and use proper risk management. From The Monthly Time Frame On The dollar index, we have a fair value gap and mitigation block which will be our next if the price continues to go up higher as we are anticipating.


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