Liquidity Voids Trading Guide



Liquidity voids are sudden and sharp movements that occur in one direction in financial markets, which are often represented on price charts by large candlesticks with little trading activity. These phenomena signify a liquidity gap, and what makes them significant is not the initial price movement, but the expectation that the price will eventually return to close this gap.

These voids in liquidity are inefficiencies in the market that can result from either sell-side or buy-side inefficiencies, providing opportunities for traders who can recognize them. In this article, we will explore liquidity voids, why they are important, and the strategies traders can employ to capitalize on them.

How To Trade Liquidity Voids

Liquidity voids are indicators of potential retracement levels in the market. However, it is not advisable to trade them in isolation. It is recommended to use additional technical analysis tools, such as fair value gaps and order blocks, to trade them successfully.

Understanding the relationship between liquidity voids and market structure is key to identifying them. When a void is observed, traders should be alert for a shift in market structure that aligns with the expected retracement direction. For instance, if a sell-side liquidity void is detected, traders should patiently wait for a bearish shift in market structure. As price retraces to fill the bearish void, traders should look for a fair value gap or order block within the range of the void.

Liquidity voids Forex Chart

Similarly, if a buy-side liquidity void is identified, traders should wait patiently for a bullish shift in market structure. As price retraces to fill the bullish void, traders should search for fair value gaps or order blocks within the range of the liquidity void. These analysis techniques are most effective when combined with the use of the Fibonacci tool.

To clarify, “premium levels” refer to any level above 50% of your Fibonacci levels, while “discount levels” refer to any level below 50% of your Fibonacci levels. This distinction is essential when identifying fair value gaps or order blocks in relation to the range of the liquidity void.


Trading concepts involving smart money often include liquidity voids as a crucial component. This is because liquidity voids are clear indicators of inefficiencies within financial markets. voids can take the form of either a bearish or bullish trend, and successfully trading them involves waiting for a shift in market structure that aligns with the expected retracement direction.

To trade liquidity voids effectively, traders should incorporate order blocks and fair value gaps, taking into account the premium and discount levels defined by their Fibonacci tool. By doing so, traders can seize trading opportunities presented by these inefficiencies, ultimately increasing their chances of success in the forex trading world.

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