Task 1:Data Collection

importing Neccessary Library

Import and Explore Data

Changing Column Names

Concatenate All Data Frames

Saving df file as Csv

Task 2:Process Data from Dirty to Clean And Preparing Data For Analysis

Check Data Types

Convert Columns to the dataTypes

Converting Tripduration to Float

Convert TripDuration ColumnTo DateTime .

Handling Null Values

Checking Null Percentage

Drop Null Values

Check Duplicates

Change Subscribers To Members and Customers To Casual

Add New Column Named "rider_age "

Group Birth year in Ascending Order

The purpose of grouping is to find outliers e.g a person with 100 years old

The data has people who even have 200years and thats impossible for someone to reach 200YEARS

Those Columns will be dropped

Our data is anonymized, meaning they added random values to the data just to shift it a bit not to reveal the actual personal data.

This doesn't mean that the data has lost meaning,Therefore we will not Drop Rows with Huge Amount of age e.g 200years ,100years

Save Df as Csv File Named"df_bike_clean"