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Earn up to 20% commission on any purchase on our site.

Earn 20% Commission On Courses Enrollment and Mentorship Signups. You earn commission per sale not per click, all payments to our affiliates will be made using PayPal.

The payouts Period is 5 days.

Values we live by


Collaboration with Others

Our goal is to create new possibilities for people everywhere through our mentorship and courses by reaching as many people as we can. and alone we can not do it that's why we need you to collaborate with us .


Passion for Helping Others

We believe forex trading has the potential for individuals to make a decent income, only if people have the right knowledge and mentorship.This is the reason we have created so many learning courses both free and premium.


Constantly improving

We Believe that growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow will get better, so we constantly learn and improve our learning material. we also listen to our students and improve or make changes where possible.


ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

 promote a product that creates new possibilities for people everywhere.

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frequently asked questions

Following the clearance of the purchase, we will pay you within 5-10 days.

Payment is processed through PayPal. Communicate with us if you have problems accessing PayPal Before Joining The Affiliate Program

Not necessarily, however, the more familiar you are with Content, the easier it will be to promote it.

Yes, we pay our affiliates once their tally reaches $10.

Occasionally, it takes customers a few days to make their purchase. Bearing this in mind, we have your customers locked in for 32 days!

The sky’s the limit! Some of our affiliates have earned more than $1 500.

Once we approve your application, you will receive a unique affiliate link and access to your affiliate dashboard. Simply place your link banners in your product reviews and on your website. Each time you refer a new customer who makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Do Promote GhostTraders on Social Media

Do Write About GhostTraders on Blogs and Articles

Do Create Educational GhostTraders Video Tutorials

Do Place Ghosttraders Logos & Banners on Website

Do Send Your Affiliate Link to Email Subscribers

Don’t Use Your Affiliate Link on Coupon or Discount Websites

Don’t Falsely Advertise GhostTraders in Any Manner

Don’t Modify Our Logos or Banners

Don’t Use Your Affiliate Link for Your Own Purchases

Don’t Offer Unofficial Discounts or Coupon Codes

Don’t Advertise GhostTraders Through Pay-Per-Click Ads (Including: Search Engines, Social Media, Video Banner)