Course Bundles Subscription

$50,00 for 1 month and a $25,00 sign-up fee

In Course Bundle, we deliver multiple courses in a single enrollment with up to 50% off discount. You will gain access to all our current courses.

Included Course or Course That you will have access to:

  • Day Trading Course
  • Institutional Trading Elite course
  • Institutional Trading Pro Course
  • Qml Trading Course


  • An Assigned Individual To Assist you as you go through the course regarding questions that will arise and technical issues.
  • Certificates of completion


Included Course or Course That you will have access to:

This subscription plan offers access to a comprehensive course bundle on a monthly basis. It is essential to note that continuation of access to the course bundle is contingent upon successful payment processing. In the event that a payment fails to go through, access to the course content will be discontinued until the payment is successfully processed. This mechanism ensures that uninterrupted access to the valuable educational resources within the course bundle is maintained through consistent and successful payment transactions. Should you have any further inquiries or require clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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