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The primary purpose of this Blog is to empower aspiring and experienced forex traders by sharing trading knowledge. and tools, mainly focusing on institutional trading education.

Forex Trading is dynamic; sometimes, it is difficult to understand how to trade it or get started, especially with institutional Trading. This Blog has valuable trading content to assist you in your trading journey.

These Blogs will mainly focus on order blocks, order flow, fair value gaps, and order institutional trading concepts such as the PD array matrix. In addition, we have several trading guides and courses to learn forex.

You’ll learn about order flow trading, order blocks in forex, fair value gaps, mitigation blocks, Pd Array Matrix, and breakers with QML(Quasimodo Pattern)Trading.

Understanding these concepts will improve your trading and your success in the market when it comes to anticipating the next move.


IC Markets Best Tradingview Broker

IC Markets, a well-known leader in online trading, has partnered with TradingView, a prominent platform for traders worldwide, to revolutionize the trading landscape. This collaboration brings together more than 50 million traders globally, offering them top-notch charting tools, real-time market data, and seamless trading integration. By integrating with TradingView, IC Markets aims to provide traders

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Forex Trading Scams

Forex trading scams are a major threat in the financial landscape. These scams have a variety of deceptive practices, all aimed at extracting money from unsuspecting traders. They can manifest in various forms, and each is a cunning maneuver designed to undermine the trust and financial security of individuals who navigate the forex market. Scammers

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Growing a Small Trading Accounts Without High-Risk

Intro Growing a small trading account without high-risk strategies is a challenging but achievable goal. A common goal among Forex traders is aspiring to grow a small trading account into a substantial one. However, it’s important to be cautious to avoid the pitfalls of excessive risk-taking. This blog post explores strategies and principles that help

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Prop Firm Trading Guide

Introduction  Welcome to GhostTraders! Today, we dive into the fascinating world of prop firm trading, exploring its significance for traders, identifying key factors to avoid in funding programs, and highlighting the attributes that make a prop firm funding program worth considering. What is Prop Firm Trading? In the realm of finance, proprietary trading firms, or

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how to measure pips on tradingview, MT4 and MT5

Definition Pips are currency price changes in forex. The term “pips” stands for “percentage in points”.Forex pairs (like GBP/USD) change by micro units throughout the trading day and pips indicate this price movement in forex pairs. you can calculate pips using trading platforms like Metatrader or a charting platform like TradingView which has built-in tools

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