ICT Trading Abbreviation and Terms

IOFED-Institutional Order Flow Entry Drill
BPR-Balanced Price Range
CE – Consequent Encroachment (50% of FVG)
SMS- Shift in Market Structure
MS – Market Structure
OB- Order Block
OTE- Optimal Trade Entry
IPDA – Interbank Price Delivery Algorithm
FVG –Fair Value Gap
BSL-Buy Side Liquidity
SSL-Sell Side Liquidity
BISI – Buy Side Imbalance Sell side Inefficient

SIBI- Sell Side Imbalance Buy Side Inefficient
COT- Commitment of Traders
NFP-Non Farm Payroll
HTF-Higher Time Frame
LTF- Lower Time Frame
AMD- Accumulation, Manipulation & Distribution
PO3 – Power Of 3
RN – Round Numbers
OSOK – One Shot One Kill
LVG – Liquidity Void Gap
EQH – Equal High
EQL – Equal Low

WDYS – What Do You See 
CME – Chicago Mercantile Exchange (Bond Market Open)
PDH- Previous day high
PDL- Previous Day Low
PWH- Previous Week High
PWL-Previous Week Low
BMS- Break in Market Structure
CBDR = Central Bank Dealer Range
SH – Stop Hunt
RTO- Return to Order Block/Origin
OTE- Optimal Trade Entry
IPDA – Interbank Price Delivery Algorithm
SMT- Smart Money Tool

LP- Liquidity Pool
PA – Price Action
IOF-Institutional Order Flow
NY-New York
NYT-New York Time
LO-Landon Open

These are ict trading abbreviations. you can also check our courses or blog to learn more about your favorite smart money topics.

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