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A QML is a reversal pattern that is created after a significant move in the market. Price will retrace back to fill the liquidity void. our main focus is a QML(Quasimodo Pattern) with FTR and Liquidity void for high-probability trading.

we have placed valuable content in the form of videos. and examples from previous QML Trading setups, to help you understand what is QML and how To trade QML.QML is also called Quasimodo which is a cartoon character.

What is an FTR in forex?

An FTR is a Failure To Return/Retest a specific price level in forex, usually a Qml trading level. The failure swing high or low depending on the type of Qml(bearish or bullish) that failed to retest the Qml level for entry purposes. a Qml with an FTR is ideal for high probability.

We have attached several videos explaining more details, as you continue reading you will see them below.

Types of Qml(Quasimodo Pattern)

1. Bearish Qml

A bearish Qml (Quasimodo Pattern) is a structure that has a lower and a lower low created before price rally up and takes out the previous recent high, forming a new higher high than repricing lower to retest the previous low that was violated when price was forming a lower low.


BEARISH QML |Bearish Quasimodo Pattern

2. Bullish Qml

A bullish Qml (Quasimodo Pattern) is a structure that has a high and a higher high created before price decline and takes out the previous recent low, forming a new lower low than repricing higher to retest the previous high that was violated when price was forming a higher high.


Bullish QML |Quasimodo Pattern
Bullish Quasimodo Pattern |QML Trading Pattern Example

How to trade a QML

In a bearish Qml (Quasimodo Pattern) target was previously violated high when price was forming a higher high and used as an entry point for a sell setup.


In a bullish qml target previously violated low when price was forming a lower low and use it as an entry point for a buy setup.

Advance QML Trading In Forex | Advance Quasimodo Pattern

Advance QML (Quasimodo Line) trading is an advanced trading concept that aims to improve the probability of winning in trading by incorporating high-probability trading strategies such as order blocks and fair value gaps, along with other institutional trading techniques. This concept was introduced by GhostTraders back in 2018 after discovering ICT (Inner Circle Trader) trading concepts as a Quasimodo Line trader.

GhostTraders blended ICT trading concepts with Quasimodo Line trading concepts to develop the concept called Advance QML Trading. The purpose of this blending was to create a simplified and professional approach to trading, leveraging the proven strategies and methodologies used in institutional trading to increase the likelihood of successful trades.

In summary, Advance QML Trading combines the Quasimodo Line trading concepts with established trading strategies to create a more robust and effective approach to trading. The incorporation of order blocks and fair value gaps enhances the trader’s ability to identify high-probability trading opportunities and make informed decisions in the market.

Focus on the following From The Quasimodo pattern Video:

  • MPL STRUCTURE [structures within a base, always go to the smaller time frame you will find those MPL structures within a base]
  • Breakers [responsible for FTR Formation]
  • Base
  • Supply and Demand [Previously violated base near highs and lows]
  • Compression or Manipulation [Compression is not Consolidation, Compression Focus Sideways Range which will be creating higher highs or lower lows. Consolidation forms a range with equal highs and; Related Post on: how to trade compression]
  • Liquidity Void [The QML entry level is just filling Liquidity Void]
  • Liquidity Pools [either buy-side liquidity or sell-side liquidity]
Eurnzd Quasimodo Pattern(qml )

The understanding of the Quasimodo Pattern is crucial as it indicates a break in market structure, this can give you an advantage in understanding or trading in line with order flow. Traders That are still struggling with order flow for directional bias should focus on understanding QML, BREAKER, and MITIGATION BLOCK Structure because the structures all indicate a shift in market structure.

Bullish Quasimodo Pattern

The Quasimodo Pattern Originally Come From a Quasimodo cartoon, If you look at the structure and cartoon posture you can see clearly why it was named a qml pattern.


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